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CD wall art

I am glad to post this, I had this idea long back, finally found some time and some good designs to be able to do it. These are old CDs covered in plain paper, then painted and decoupaged. Yet to varnish them. Though they are simple, and definitely not perfect, I still like them. It looks good on the wall next to my laptop 🙂 I probably should have used roses for all three though.




























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Metal box decoupage

This is a very old rusted metal box I got cleaned up just so I could have something to decoupage on. I don’t have any enamel paints, so I painted it with gesso and few coats white+lil brown acrylic paint and applied the napkin. It was a disaster, I tore the napkin and there are quite a few noticeable wrinkles all over, and I pasted it upside down. But overall it looks lovely because of the pattern and you can’t really make out anything from the photos 🙂 I’m now using this box to store baby’s hairclips, bangles and such. I think she also loves it, but for a different reason, the contents of the box!

















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This is my first ever decoupage wooden box, it is actually the box my one year old’s wooden alphabet blocks came in. She is already playing with this box and has added further decoration with her crayons 🙂









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