I have used only primer, PVA glue and acrylic paint and some napkin motifs on this one, we were worried any toxic stuff coming from the varnish might make the birds sick. My husband made the birdhouse and I painted/decorated it. It was a rushed job, looks charming overall, but I quite regret the choice of some of those motifs etc. Our conure are already using it and have chewed some of the wood and paint off so far 🙂












































Stencil on fabric

Something new…


Set of metal coasters and stand decoupaged – a gift for my mom

They are decoupaged with napkins again and painted on the sides. They are lined with some kind of rubber on the bottom which unfortunately sticks to the varnish on the top, so right now, I am unable to stack them in their stand 😦 Wondering how to fix it!


































Glass bottle

Decorated a glass bottle for  a cousin of mine…I loved the blue color, so did not paint or decoupage it. The flowers are painted in gold, though it looks different below.











Decoupage tin

Tin painted and decoupaged with napkins, tried my hand at some relief on the lid. Looks good altogether, though I have not yet put it into any use.









Decoupage coasters

















Nest egg











Decoupaged with printed tissue paaper